I'm Done

from by Howell Dawdy

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I’m Done

It lives on the tip of your tongue
the breath to speak it’s already in your lungs
an ancient message uttered by everyone
just open up your mouth & say that’s it I’m done

I’m done with life’s demands & fate’s inconstant whims
I’m done with the hard ground looming sky and these heavy limbs

I’m done with waking up to prowl these streets for scraps and change
& I’m done with the way that time corrodes and placates your brain

I’m done with crawling through life knowing how it will end
I’m done with fighting to reach the top only to get the bends

I’m done with age and habits and gravity ruining my face
and I’m done with the way 9 out of 10 beers I’ve never heard of taste

I’m done with being the one in charge of when I go to sleep
& I’m done with being sick and with anyone expecting anything of me

I’m done with monday not cuz it’s monday but because it’s a day
I’m done with being tired & I’m tired of needing to be awake

I’m done with opening up my mail to see what it says
hey let’s just pile all of it up anywhere except for on the bed

I’m done with having a job that a robot cannot do
& I’m done with knowing elements of the plot of Rudy are not true


that’s it I’m done with needing a car for anything but a private place to sit
with a stereo and air conditioning and a cupholder full of mints

I’m done with even trying to get myself anywhere on time
we can all claim traffic isn’t moving if we all just refuse to drive

I’m done with restaurants & dingy haunts where people gather
I’m done with serious conversations & I’m done with idle chatter

guess what I’m done smiling for pictures so don’t even ask ok
I’m done with kicking back & unwinding after being done with a hard day

I’m done with old music & new music & also my music
I’m done with those who have a capacity for feigned interest & can abuse it

I’m done with craft i’m done with skill i’m done with artistry
& I’m done with other people doing anything even remotely similar to me

I’m done with people’s opinions & I’m done with not being heard
though I’m also done with people listening & scrutinizing every word

I’m done with people telling me my attitude is what I’ve got wrong
like it’s my fault I don’t live in a Tim McGraw song


I’m done with waking up
I’m done with the sun
I’m done with getting dressed
i’m done being judged

I’m done with everyone
except for myself
I’m done with being reminded
of the things I have said

I’m done with changing filters
done turning the page
I’m done getting a new phone
I am done with change

I am done going to parties
I am done with male bonding
I am done checking my email
I will not be responding

I’m done with weather
building pressure inside my head
I’m done with seasons
reminding me that one day I’ll be dead

I’m done with debating
yeah you heard me i’m done
I’m done not treating politics
like a scheme to be won

I am done with the future
I am done with past
I am done with solids liquids
I am so done with gas

I am done with certainty
I am done with doubt
I am done writing lyrics
so repeat through the fade out

that’s it I’m done…


from I'm Done, released April 21, 2017
written, recorded, produced, performed & mastered by Howell Dawdy



all rights reserved


Howell Dawdy Louisville, Kentucky

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