It's Gonna Stink

by Howell Dawdy

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released June 21, 2019


all rights reserved



Howell Dawdy Louisville, Kentucky

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Track Name: Cut My Grass
Hey pal where you going
hey you got somewhere to be?
what’s that like is it neat?
I’ve always wondered why someone
would walk this direction down this street
in a crisp new pair of jeans
me I’m like a magazine
I got back issues
and I got
front and leg and face issues
doctor says it’s misuse
but I know the truth
our bodies weren’t designed for
the abuse of Earth’s gravity
one time I licked
a battery and saw
outside the walls of the confines
of this laboratory
they’re inside all the mirrors
and yet we carry on
like the words of that old song
by that band that was from Kansas
what were they called?
did you know that Rupaul is bald
do you know what you’d do if you got mauled
by a mountain lion are you sposed to try ’n
fight em or just go limp hey are blimps
still filled with flammable gas
or is it just hot air in the things
you’re not wearing any rings
are you skeptical of the deceptive pull
of monogamy or just trying to be
a complete person first before you
give in to to how society thinks
a so called family should
I could write a book
but nobody’s paying me
a Buffy the Vampire style fantasy
but nobody cares about good reads
it’s all reality tv
and have you seen what passes
for reality to these masses
it’s all boiled and concocted and
the dialogue is all chopped up
and rearranged to hit the exact
right spot in your brain
so you keep letting the ads
flow into your veins
not everyone can see it
but I see it
5 dollars for a cup of coffee
sure I’ll happily pay that much
what do you gotta wear some special
gold slippers when you’re pouring the stuff
they are cooking our brains
I went to a movie they had these
reclining seats
but you couldn’t do just your back and
not your feet
hey maybe I don’t wanna watch Dunkirk
with my feet up in stirrups doctor genius
can i get you anything from concessions
before you message my subconscious
with obnoxiously loud dolby surround
disguising what our programmers are saying
as we gobble up whatever muck
they’ve decided we deserve today
anyway I’ll let you go
maybe I’ll see ya down the road
and before you ask me let me say
yes I am angry
yes I am sad
and yes I am going to cut my grass
yes I am miserable
yes I am lost
and yes I know
that my grass is long
Track Name: The Devil Is A Rich Man
wake up
button up a
crisp clean shirt

read the signs
form a line
get to work

step left once
and turn

throw your hands up
if you’re ready to earn

pass a dollar left
that’s our economy

collect em in a bucket
and bring it to me

take a step back
and click your heals

extend right hand
and make a deal

schedule 2 claps
for the second verse

think about your budget
think a think about your budget
cuz life is expensive and the devil is a rich man

binary systematic
hops and dips

prop a whole
business model
up on tips

break time
close your eyes
long deep breaths

pin a market value
on relieving stress

pass 2 dollars right
that’s our economy

collect em in a bucket
and bring it to me

lift your right foot
and brush the toe

runnin out of time
for the claps you owe

can’t do em now
gotta mime a wall

think about your budget
think a think about your budget

cuz life is expensive and the devil is a rich man

gold member status
do a rumba dance

silver status
gimme a karate stance

bronze status bite yourself
on the wrist

you’re all in debt two claps
with interest

pass 3 dollars left
that’s the economy

now put em in a bucket
& that’s for me

clap once now
that’s a premium

now reorder the line
from weak to strong

empty out your wallet on to the floor

think about your budget
think a think about your budget

cuz life is expensive and the devil is a rich man

double time
kick line
stay on beat

now shimmy shimmy
and repeat

cup some change
in your hands
and shake shake

now high five
to your left
and do a plié

open up your phone
check the national debt

then write your mother’s maiden name
on a voided check

clap one time
that’s a premium

now reorder
the line
from smart to dumb

mark off some space that you think you deserve

think about your budget
think a think about your budget

cuz life is expensive and the devil is a rich man
Track Name: It's Gonna Stink
when it’s time to pay the tab and all is said and done
and we’re poring over regrets of what’s led to what we’ve become
consider one aspect of our doomsday malaise
can you imagine the aroma of this world’s final days

how could we be so impossibly dense
to not ensure a more pleasant smelling apocalyptic event
it's gonna stink like hell when the world ends
it's gonna stink like hell when the world ends

have you been near the grill at the end of the day at a burger place?
have you slammed your garbage bin on a hot summer day?
you know that vacuum cleaner smell when it activates the carpet
or when a gas bubble belches in the asphalt at the la Brea tar pits

have you considered what an abandoned red lobster would smell like
or the produce section of someplace big like Walmart or Meijers

it’s gonna stink like hell when the world ends
it’s gonna stink like hell when the world ends

when the rapture comes and the lucky ones all disappear
and the rest of us are left to squabble in the dust and live in fear
imagine your resentment, as some innocent gets her wings
and you’re left smelling the rotten contents of her thawed out fridge

could not one of the great minds of ballistic or military advancement
have considered with their vastly oversized hippocampus
that when their high tech bombs are dropping all over the place
we might appreciate a hint of pine or fresh citrusy bouquet

it’s gonna stink like hell when the world ends
Track Name: I'm A Rock
don’t even worry about the things you say
nobody’s listenin to you anyway
they only care if you’re in charge here
hey are you charge here
better say you are

don’t even worry bout the things you think
because we’re headed for the brink and
it’s gonna stink
you better
grab what you want
before I get there first cause
what’s a deep mind with a empty purse

there’s no difference between smart and dumb
there’s no difference between right and wrong
cause everybody’s got their own religion and mine is me
mine is me

hey everybody take a look at me I’m a rock
I’m the best thing you can be
I get whatever i want
I do whatever i want
I say whatever i want
I get whatever i want

I’m a rock

standing strong in the face of adversity
being wrong about whatever I wanna be
oblivion awaits us
so why not get a taste of
whatever i decide i need

oh I’m sorry is this confusing to you
were you raised to think i have some sort of duty to you
well I do
I’m here to show you what self interest can do
and codify what i think is normal
until you give in or puke

so chapter one of volume one of how to be a rock
how to dress and speak and style your hair and gesture and walk
how to make everyone treat you like they think you’re their boss
how to be freakin rock-solid bad ass rock

first remember you’re the narrator of your own truth
and a rock is firm and strong and does what it wants to do
just look at me, I’m a rock, that should prove it to you
so now do all the things I say because I tell you to

you’re gonna wanna look like you’re on television
so people think they have to listen to your stupid positions

and a rock derives its strength from the position it’s sittin
so it helps to be born heavy within a weighted system

you’re gonna wanna have a clan of opportunistic weasels
afraid of asking any questions and losing your approval

also it helps to have more money than everybody else
remember criticism of you is an attack on wealth

you’ll need a song to motivate you
how bout this one?
sure some people are gonna hate you
they must be miserable huh?

oblivion awaits us
so why not get a taste of
whatever you decide you need

You’re a rock
Track Name: Illegal
Let’s make it
Illegal to be mean to me

there’s problems in the world today
but we can make em all go away
we gotta all be nice to me
we gotta punish everyone who’s mean

we need a tougher system in place
for eliminating all the hate
let’s round up everybody who’s mean and
make them go to jail for what they say to me

I’m callin 911
you better give in or run
you better take back
what you said bout me
hey I’m callin the cops
cuz you been pissing me off
and now you’re going to jail
for being mean

I’m callin 911
turn yourself in at once
they’ll lock you up and
throw away the key
hey I’m callin the cops
cuz you been breakin the law
with the things that you’ve said
about me
hey I’ve got you on tape
criticizing my face
when you coulda
shut up and let me be
now the tables have turned
and you should be concerned
cuz you’re going to jail
for being mean

you say I’m stupid
you go to jai
you say i’m ugly
you go to jail
you say I’m worthless
you go to jail
you say that I should go to jail you go to jail
Track Name: Glossy
wasteland scene at the Seidenfadens
wet floor body limit smells like vomit we got
20 minutes till last call we got everybody waiting
for Rome to fall we got
2 drinks sticky shoes pit stains we got a thousand watts
thawing out our brains we got
maybe enough cash for the next few days
florescent lights dousin us in our own age

it’s a maze of politics and scuzzy dudes
gunpowder plotting how to light a fuse but then
deep in the corner makin her own fog there’s a
very glossy lady sweatin like it’s her job

glare bouncing off her face piercing and bright
now i’m walking like a dead man into the light
she looks good she looks damp like poseiden’s daughter
not a single speck of loreal powder on her

cheeks kinda red from the perspiration
she looks slick she looks active she looks vaccinated
skin shinin like gravy in a gravy boat
high gloss sheen like a piano you know

she’s like a hot dog 
in a suede vest
excuse me madame you are under arrest
for lookin salt cured fried up boiled and wet
glossy like a magazine 
hot off the press yes 
i gotta confess
I was not aware that I was into this
but your humidity’s drawin me into your web
my hair’s curlin up and and my palms are sweatin
i’m a mess but she looks magical and unstressed
like a newly polished mermaid figurehead
i gotta give it to her high sheen is her coat
she’s glistening like newly fallen untouched snow

It might be treacherous or lecherous to labor the point
but she’s a wishing well and i’m wishing I had more coins
did a master coat her skin with 5 coats of shellac
did he finish it with polish & carnuba wax
cuz she’s maxium sheen
like men at work
putting the gleam
on louis 16th’s furniture
the unrest outside washing off her back like a duck
eatin all the cake she wants and then burning it up
it’s too much I’ve heard of dripping but she’s got drip
bad vibes tryin to grip her but they get no grip
the angry mob tries to stop her but she’s too slick
plagues trying to get her her veneer’s too thick
biologically outfitted with a moisture shield
equipped to deal with any future hand she deals
I’ve heard that catfish have a slick layer that helps wounds heal
but that comparison i guess is sorta sub ideal
but for real it’s last call better get her a drink
replenish those electrolytes she’s misting us in
I gotta give it to her high gloss is her coat
she’s shining in the darkness like a beacon of hope
Track Name: My Skin Fell Off
My skin fell off
my skin fell off
my skin fell off
my skin fell off
my skin fell off
so please, leave me alone

quit calling me on the phone
I don’t wanna talk
there’s not much new goin on
except my skin fell off

quit sending me messages
askin me where i’ve been
I’m lying in bed all day
missing my skin

I can’t come to your party
I’ll just make a scene
I can’t meet you for coffee
cuz I can’t wear anything

not gonna go to work
if I can’t keep my organs in
not gonna post a pic on social, man
I ain’t got no skin

thanks for reminding me
but I can’t go to your show
people just point at me
wherever I go

I can't go on a date
that’s out of the question
for reasons I think I’ve said
I don’t feel very sexy

I haven’t seen the new movies
or recently read a book
I’m pretty consumed with the way
I feel and I look

so quit throwing things at me
to see if they’ll stick
quit stealing my skin and driving around in my car
wearing it

please don’t let your dog approach me
he might get hungry for my meat
I’d rather not have to run
with these dumb skinless feet

I don’t wanna do an interview
I don’t wanna be on the news
I don’t want my skinless state to be clickbait
to sell ad revenue

Please don’t call me your skinless friend
I don’t want this to define me
It’s what’s inside that counts
which I guess you can see

Yeah my house is fallin apart and my lawn is overgrown and infested with snakes
and my sink is overflowing with dirty dishes and my bills are all late
and furthermore the world as we know it is falling apart due to carelessness and inaction
but what do you want me to do about it. I haven’t got any skin.
Track Name: Try Me Oblivion
Just like that with ease I’ve conquered another day
and no doubt tomorrow will go the same way
until then I’ll rest myself on my big old bed
safe from mortal thoughts and existential dread

but oooh
oblivion tries to find me
‘one day i’ll catch up to you’
it tries to remind me

it’s a lot of real heavy stuff
but guess what i’m gonna win
oblivion you think you’re tough
but you’re nothing

try me oblivion

at the time my head alights on my pillowcase
my mind is clear and smug contentment blankets my face
close my eyes and rest in peace until the dawn
certain that the sun will rise and life will go on

but oooh
oblivion tries to find me
‘this might be all there is’
it tries to remind me

but I’ve got strong arms for punching
I’ve got powerful legs for running
I’ve got a heart that keeps on pumping
and oblivion you’re nothing

try me oblivion

uh uh no way i’m gonna question my mortality
nice try little guy not gonna wonder when i’ll die
hell no don’t wanna know if there’s a hell and if i’ll go
move along oblivion I’ll live as long as I want
I’ll live as long as I want
I’ll live as long as I want
I’ll live as long as I want

so try me oblivion
Track Name: Howell Dawdy (feat. Tony Robot) - Trash
you can tell by the way
that I look tonight
everywhere I go I’m leaving a mess

you can tell by the way
my body’s melting away
I’m unsound and plagued by odor & wetness

you can tell I’m not perfect
you can tell I’m not right
you can tell me to leave
and hell I just might

but tonight let’s let the pieces
of our junk fall where they will
we may not amount to much
but don’t we deserve a thrill

and I might be the only thing
that won’t be gone in the morning
cuz you know my kind doesn’t just
sweep itself away

so know this from me
not worth a shit as I may be
when I’m left somewhere
I’m there to stay…

If you can settle for trash
I will be your match
You will be whole at last
If you can just settle for trash

if you can settle for trash
I will be your match
we will be whole at last
if you can just settle for trash

Look I dunno if I’m
simply past my prime
or if I was never worth
nothing at all

But here with you tonight
watching time expire
I might as well be
non perishable

and yeah i’m spoiled, rotten
certain to be forgotten
deserving to be left
out in the cold

but if you’ll pardon me
before you consider discarding me
know though I’m gone
i’m still cluttering up your whole

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