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hey, man, you still got that iguana?

hey man how long’s it been
you still got that iguana
I’ve thought about ringing you up but I’ve been busy man
but sometime we oughta grab a
couple of drinks and get caught up
remember that time that i came up
& you showed me that iguana that you keep
in that little screen hutch
you still got that iguana?
what you doing for work now you’ve cleaned up
do iguanas just eat what you feed em
or can they catch their own bugs and eat em
do iguanas eat bugs are you still seeing
that same girl from before was it Gina
your folks doin all right can you leave a iguana alone
do they need love
could it sit on your lap and watch TV
how long do they live are they easy
does it run around the house freely
does it guard the place when you leave gee man
it’s been great catching up we should grab a drink sometime if you wanna
I think about you every time I think about iguanas

you see any of the old gang around town
do you still got that iguana
does the iguana have a name
do iguanas even come when you call em
how big do they grow
you still drive that 80s volvo
remember that time you drove me round cuz I couldn’t remember where I chained my bicycle
do they sell baby iguanas at any old regular pet store
or is it that thing where you put water on one & it sprouts like six more
that might have just been a movie
hey man you still got that iguana
any chance you’ve got change for 20 Wendy’s bucks on ya
how’s your brother doing man he was always some kind of legend
if you threw a little ball to your iguana do you think he would he catch it
it’s been real nice seeing you my man give all my love to Tanya
I think about you every time i think about iguanas

In my mind
the concept of iguanas and you are linked
so every time
I see one in a documentary or zoo
I think of you

hey man what’s the lifespan of an iguana
if you’re real good how you treat em
if you’re careful how you feed em
are they like fish do they get as big is wherever keep em
do iguanas lay eggs
are they like chickens with eggs
can you collect an iguana egg every morning for breakfast
do they get up on their hind legs ever & walk like t-rexes
are there discernible differences between iguana sexes
or does iguana culture force them into gendered directions
there’s just so many questions
hey man you still got that iguana
I think about you every time I think about iguanas


from I'm Done, released April 21, 2017
written, recorded, produced, performed & mastered by Howell Dawdy



all rights reserved


Howell Dawdy Louisville, Kentucky

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