Beautiful Love

from by Howell Dawdy

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Beautiful Love

Attention… will Howell Dawdy please report
to the microphone

I have moved earth with my hands
& I have danced on my feet
I have felt the cool peace of the shade
& I have toiled in the sun's heat
I've had money in my pocket
I've had drink in my cup
I have stood at the top of the mountain
& guess what it wasn't good enough

I have been the guy up at the front of the line who's first into the show
I have been privy to secrets & leaked bits of stuff that nobody knows
I could be the envy of every zen priest I'm so composed
when the road I'm traveling on leads me to another pot of gold

cuz I've got money in the bank already
a half full drink that i've half fully drank
& I'm ready for whatever comes to find me
cuz nothing in this world could still surprise me

a brand new suit? sure I'll take it
a car what's the make on it
a cabin for the weekend yeah
that sounds decent

but none of these things make life worth living
& all we need are the hearts that we're given &

guess what I don't need all this stuff
I don't need a house with its own zip code

guess what I don't need a robot doing all my chores & waking me up

I don't need suede gloves in case I get a parade & they need me to wave & it's kinda cold

guess what I don't need all this stuff

I don't need a thing that's not beautiful love

that’s not beautiful love

I have looked out into the evening sky & seen the sunset eclipsed by a butterfly

I've seen a shooting star reflected in the eye of a dove but I prefer to look at beautiful love

I've seen art at the Louvre, truth irrefutable - no thanks I'll take love that is beautiful

all the money in the world? Add it up & it's not worth as much as beautiful love

besides money is corruptive
love is productive
beautiful love is something you don't wanna fuss with
recession & fraud proof, worldwide & local
impossible to be commoditized by moguls

open source & free
easily assembled
no more than 3 ingredients on the label
you, beautiful love, & everybody else
shelf life is longer than the life of some shelf

take the coolest motorcycle that you've ever seen

paint job smoother than peaches and cream

purring like a lion cub falling asleep

cruising through the coastal air at 1000 feet

captured by a master who can perceive your dreams

painted on the ceiling of your own Sistine

on your private island on the Mediterrean

that's not beautiful love

there's no jewel that lies in wait in some undiscovered cave that can take the place

of beautiful love

there's no star out there in space hot enough to erase love's embrace

beautiful love


there's nothing like beautiful love

that's why they call it beautiful love


from I'm Done, released April 21, 2017
written, recorded, produced, performed & mastered by Howell Dawdy



all rights reserved


Howell Dawdy Louisville, Kentucky

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