We Don't Eat

from by Howell Dawdy

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We Don’t Eat

we don't need a restaurant
to cook us a fancy feast
we don't need a grocery store
to sell us soups & meat
we don't need a farmer man
to grow us corn & wheat

we don't need a knife or fork
cuz we don't need to eat

I don't eat red meat
I don't eat white meat
I don't eat fish or frogs or snails

I don't eat shellfish
I don’t eat haggis
nothing with a face or a fin or a tail

I heard you're gluten free
well that applies to me
I’m also kosher & raw hardline vegan

i don't eat anything that knows
anything that grows
or anything that could conceivably be eaten

so yes sir
I concur
I’m pretty picky when it comes to food
so I’ll just have the chair I’m sitting on
this 4 star ambiance
& a little less of your attitude


we don't need a restaurant
to cook us a fancy feast
we don't need a grocery store
with deals that are hard to beat
we don't need a farmer man
so sell your land & move to the beach

we don't need a salad plate

cuz we don't need to eat

happy birthday to me
happy birthday to me
throw that cake in the garbage can
& throw the can out in the street

I repeat I don't eat
I don't need to feed myself
my pantry shelves are stocked with
fireworks road salt & magazines

& where the stove was I put a chest of drawers
& where the fridge was I put a dance floor

no I don't have an ounce of food in me
no I’m not just trying to get real skinny
yes I have had food & it is not for me
it made me feel bloated complacent & sleepy

but go on dull your mind with american cheese
drown your free will in fat oil & grease
listen to your stomach instead of your head
& let the government tell you that you need food to live

we don't need a hot dog stand
on the corner of any street
we don't need a B & B
so just point us to the single B
we don't need vitamins
cuz you know they'll just re-deplete

we don’t need dipping sauce
cuz we don’t need to eat

so next time you're hungry
tell this to your tummy
say you aren't the boss of me

think of the money you'll save
& the spare time you'll make
with your lunch hour completely free

the energy you're divesting
from chewing & digesting
& polishing your cutlery

can go to achieving
the things you believe in
& you can focus on living your dreams



from I'm Done, released April 21, 2017
written, recorded, produced, performed & mastered by Howell Dawdy



all rights reserved


Howell Dawdy Louisville, Kentucky

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