Summer Creams

from by Howell Dawdy

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Summer Creams

milkshakes, ice creams, frozen yogurt

all right, I got something to say
I’m gettin the word out
about summer creams

summer heat in the summer sun
summer time it has begin
we're hangin out & having fun
with our friends at summer destinations

like the park or the beach
or just out in the street under streetlights
jamming to the groove of the beat
you smell that summer air it's intoxicating
you feel that summer breeze it was worth the waiting

rest of the time, it's hot as heck
sweat dripping off of our faces and necks
we need something cold & refreshing & sweet
the perfect beverage to beat the heat

you mean water (nah)
soda (eugh)
purple gatorade in the big bottle (bleugh)
there's only one thing to drink when it's hot
& that's an ice cold cream with a big frothy top

summer creams all your beverages should be creamy in the summer (2x)

top down in the car, legs cut off our jeans
belly's sticking out full of summer creams
summer is hot with no chance of snow
so don't let your cream count get too low

& it isn't just beverages'll keep you straight
flag ice cream trucks to stay in shape
keep a spoon in your pocket & a straw in your shirt
condensed milk can for emergency purposes

I got rocky road dripping on my flip flop
I got buttermilk stains on my tank top
I got franny calling me from the bus stop
saying meet me for a date at the cream shop! (YEAH)

milkshake frappe salted caramel latte
May through June through fourth of July
I drink chocolate milk & soybean chai
July 5th till September ends

I’m sucking down vanilla bean and mocha blends
never get tired of a creamy drink
never gonna let my root beer float sink

summer creams all your beverages should be creamy in the summer (4x)

summer’s log day 81
this dairy shortage has me pretty bummed
they said too many folks were on the teat
& they ran outta milk & butter & cream

but I’ve got some old bailey's that I’m rationing
& you can kinda mix syrup with cottage cheese
it's been weeks since a milk delivery
& they still owe us ransom for milkman steve

I miss brain freeze & milk bubbles in my throat
my kingdom for a cow or a sheep or a goat
I’m feeling kinda week from a lack of cream
my core is overheating & I’m starting to steam

but in my dreams I’m on a beach with my feet in the sand
40 oz Kahlua milkshake in my hand
cream so dense I almost have to chew it
crazy straw big enough to suck a cherry through it

summer creams all your beverages should be creamy in the summer (8x)


from I'm Done, released April 21, 2017
written, recorded, performed, produced & mastered by Howell Dawdy

additional vocals by Franny Powers



all rights reserved


Howell Dawdy Louisville, Kentucky

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